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Creation Square: What Is Visual Web Design? Basic Building Blocks of Visual Design

What Is Visual Web Design? Basic Building Blocks of Visual Design

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A website plays a cardinal role in the digital marketing of any business. It serves as a medium between the business and the audience. Now, the question arises that what makes a website aesthetic and attention-grabbing? The answer is quite simple. The visual web design is what makes a website attractive and memorable. Visual web design helps in grabbing the audience’s attention and increasing customer conversions. How? Well, the visual design of any website makes up the first impression of the brand. If it is made using all the essential building blocks of interaction design, it casts a good impression on the user. But if the visual isn’t properly managed, a bad impression is made on the audience. Which ultimately results in a decrease in sales and engagement. Hence, it is very important to have a good visual web design for your business’s online success.

For this purpose, it is highly recommended to consult the best UI design agency. This technical task requires professional skills and tactics only. You need to get experts on board to make your visual web design using all the essential building blocks.


A visual web design focuses on the aesthetics, images, color schemes, and all other essential building blocks which matter a lot in making a successful visual design for the web. Normally, designers take all the visual elements into consideration before developing one. But it is important to not clutter your visual design. Why? Because visual web design is important for brand image and audience retention. A cluttered or mismanaged visual website design can make users frustrated, making them go for another option maybe. So, it is important to focus on all the building blocks while finalizing any visual design.

Basic Building Blocks of VISUAL WEB DESIGN:

The basic building blocks of visual web design are many which help web designers in crafting the best visual design. Following are a few of them:

Color Scheme 

One of the most potent building blocks of visual web design is color. Colors are the true depictions of business motives, ideas, emotions, and goals. They influence the emotional connotation of an image and help directly in communicating the message. In a visual design, a good color scheme matters a lot. We know that different colors represent different emotions and feelings. Therefore, it is important to wisely choose your colors in the web design as they make the first impression strong, impactful, and long-lasting.


Like color schemes, good typography also plays an important role in making a successful visual web design. It conveys your brand’s mood, theme, and ideas well. Moreover, it also communicates your business type to the audience effectively. For example, a font that gives off a vintage vibe would connect to the audience who are interested in traditional and classical stuff. Similarly, vibrant and bold fonts communicate new energy. Simple and serious typography conveys a professional tone. So this is how the right type of typography helps you out in clearly conveying the business type.

Size in Visual Web Design 

Mostly, people miss this point which is crucially important in making the visual design more informative and interactive. The size of all the individual elements matters in making an impact on the audience. It is in the hand of the designer, that he makes one item bigger in size and the other comparatively smaller. This all depends on your set priorities. That which element you want to give much more importance to and what you think is lesser in importance. However, it is important to keep a good balance overall. This also gives out a professional and organized outlook. Hence, casts a good impression on the audience.

Use of Negative Space in Visual Web Design

If you overall look around yourself, what would you find? Obviously, people, things, and SPACE, right? Space is very important. Even in photography, you cannot just wholly capture the object. You need some negative space to make the object prominent and clear. Similarly, in visual web design, negative space is very important. It separates the visual elements, improves the clarity, and overall makes the outlook clear and easily understandable. It also improves the legibility of the text on a website. A cluttered design, on the other hand, confuses the user and creates difficulty for him in understanding things. So, it is important to use negative space in your visual web design to promote a good user experience.


Hierarchy is very important in a visual design of the website. It focuses on the placement of visual elements in your website. This helps the users in easily understanding the website and recognizing the important features as well. Through the right hierarchy, you guide your users to specific call-to-action features and make their visit to the website easier and friendly. Additionally, it aids in making the strong connections and effective relations between different elements and titles.


Texture refers to the surface quality of the objects that are used in your web design. There are so many texture types like smooth, hard, soft, reflecting, etc. But technically, there are two known types of textures; Implied and tactile. Mostly, designers try to use tactile textures which give off realistic feels. This makes your website more resonating and connecting. So it basically creates a link with your audience and keeps them engaged on your website. Also, texture makes the visual elements look more aesthetic and realistic.

Shapes and Graphics

Lastly, shapes and graphical features are very significant in making a visual web design successful. Every object on your website is made using shapes. These shapes make up the specific items and help in conveying your business theme and ideas effectively. So, in a web design, you use clear, unique, and relatable shapes to graphically influence the users and make them engaged in your website. This can easily help in generating more leads and making your brand successfully online.


In digital marketing, websites play a very crucial role. They make your brand identity stronger and more authentic. Good websites are those in which good visual designs are used. The aesthetic and attention-grabbing visual web design is the one that follows all the essential building blocks and website design principles. Like, focusing on a color scheme, theme development, use of negative space, the right hierarchy, and typography. Such elements help the designers in making the website outlook more interesting, interactive, appealing, and user-friendly. It is wise to consult a good UI design agency in this regard as the task is quite professional and technical.

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