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Creation Square: What Are UI Design Principles? Impact on Designing UI Project

What Are UI Design Principles? Impact on Designing UI Project

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User interface design principles matter a lot to a website’s online success, usability, and functionality. It impacts your marketing as well as ranking in the search engines. In a website, UI design principles hold cardinal importance. They decide what your user interface is going to be like and how it would affect the designing UI project. A good user interface attracts the audience, keeps them engaged and interested in your profile, and increases the chances of sales.

UI design principles give designers a direction to follow, through which they easily design an interactive, compelling and aesthetic user interface design that ultimately helps in business growth and digital marketing. There are so many golden user interface design principles which the companies use and incorporate in their websites. If you want to engage a more relevant audience to your site and increase your sales, you should consult the best user interface design company in this regard.

UI Design Principles

The user interface is a significant part of any software product. It is very much possible that if a UI design is smooth and effective, the audience hardly gets to notice it. But, if the user interface design is problematic or lacks a few of the important features, the audience gets to notice it clearly and the bounce-back rate can increase. This is because a smooth UI gives a good user experience to the user, which is why he fails to notice anything else whereas a bad UI design irritates the user instantly and he reverts back easily.

This is the reason why designers and renowned IT companies introduced UI design principles to make the UI designing project easier and effective.


Simple Interface 

It is important to keep the user interface simple and minimal. Unnecessary elements lead to cluttering which confuses the users and they tend not to explore your site anymore. Therefore, it is important to follow one of the most simple and easy UI design principles and avoid cluttering your layout.

Consistency and Familiarity 

 Another important user interface design principle is to maintain consistency in your layout. A consistent layout provides ease to users and makes them interact effortlessly. Moreover, when you use common UI components in your website’s user interface, you make it easier for the users to use it. They understand the layout more easily and the process becomes quicker. Hence, this increases the chances of sales. Designers use common UI components in UI design during the process to ensure familiarity and consistency.

Interactive Design – One of the Most Important UI Design Principles: 

Ease and comfort in interaction attract most of the users. When you visit a site, you perform certain actions. The site responds to you, if you miss out filling a blank, it highlights that section. A lot of similar actions represent that you are being cared for by the site. The interaction is smooth and effective. This gives users a sense of authority and makes you appear as a credible source. While designing UI, you should make sure to add features that ensure ease of interaction and comfort in communication.

Make Actions Reversible 

Understand that every user is unique and different. You cannot treat your users as a whole. There can be users which are quick in understanding features, interacting easily, and performing actions. On the other hand, few of them might find difficulty even in performing the easiest of tasks. Therefore, you should allow easy exploration of your website so that users can understand it thoroughly. Moreover, if a user commits a mistake, he should be given a chance to reverse his action. This casts a positive impression on your user and you retain his trust too. So, provide your users with a chance to redo or undo their actions.

Easy Navigation

Navigation should always be clear and easy. Users should enjoy exploring your site and should not be afraid of clicking on a button. It is important to keep the users in their comfort zones and make their experience on your website easy and memorable. This also provides the users with shortcuts making their experience easier, actions quicker, and comfortable.

Theme Development 

Theme development is one of the significant UI design principles which focus on creating a unique, aesthetic, and appealing theme using bright & bold colors, attractive typography, and contrasts. When you create a theme on your website, you attract an audience. Hence, your website helps in retaining more and more customers.

Reduce Cognitive Load

The best practice which designers follow from UI design principles is simplicity and easy orientation. People tend not to remember everything they see or visit. If you want your users to remember about your website and recall whenever they feel like it, you should prefer using simple user interface designs, and group the similar elements together. This tactful orientation and right placement of components make your website easier to understand and recall in the future. Thus, you reduce the memory load for your user. While designing UI, designers work keenly on placement and orientation.

White Space – Essential in UI Design Principles:

White space is an essential visual design element that plays an extremely powerful role in your website’s user interface. It is the blank area between multiple elements and icons of your website which helps in separating them. This promotes a clear understanding of your website and reduces the chance of any ambiguity.


Designing any software product is not an easy task. This requires a lot of research, considerations, and skill set. In a website, the user interface plays a very important role. It is the area that makes the interaction of users possible. Therefore, UI design principles are followed by designers and developers while designing the UI of their site. These design principles focus on maintaining consistency, visual aesthetics, ease of use, good user experience, and a lot of similar things.

Undoubtedly, it is very important for businesses to make sure to follow the user interface design principles while getting their UI ready for websites. These play an extremely important role, this is why designers apply them and get to stand out in the market.

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