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Creation Square: Social Media Content Curation Tips & Ideas for Lead Generation

Social Media Content Curation Tips & Ideas for Lead Generation

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Standing out in the market is not a simple task. It requires much of efforts and hard work. Along with all the social media strategies, at times it becomes difficult to compete with your competitors and achieve lead generation. Content curation is one of the best content tips and content ideas which help in lead generation and marketing. Content curation is a valuable strategy in which you search for great content and start incorporating it and sharing it on your social media. This way you add value to your social media and it benefits your followers. This is one of the best content tips and content ideas for all content marketers. No doubt, content curation can effortlessly expand your online social network.

Content curation helps you to highlight your own industry expertise by highlighting and re-sharing the relevant content on your social media platforms. This method helps you to not only share relevant content on your social platforms but also derive more engagement by attracting the audience. Thus, your business grows and you experience an instant increase in lead generation. To manage all the content, and curate it, professional help is recommended. So, you should hire a social media marketing expert who can technically make your online presence strong and authentic. 


Basically, the content in the content curation process is not originally yours. It is prepared by some other source, you use the content on your social media, by re-sharing it. This does not come under the shadow of plagiarism or copying. Instead, it is considered as a content marketing trick, which helps in lead generation. This includes anything which relates to your business or can excite your audience. Any blog post, infographic, or any other writing piece that is available online. You re-share it on your account to inform or educate the audience on your channel.

To understand this, you can take the example of a museum curator. What is his job? He just collects the best artworks and ancient artifacts and displays them. Notably, he does not steal them. He re-shares them to the audience. Similarly, a content curator collects the best content from the internet and shares it with the audience on his own social media channels. The business gets benefited because of the increased engagement which ultimately results in lead generation.

Why Social Media Content Curation Is Important? 

You might be thinking about why content curation is important and why one should focus on it. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Content curation on social media helps you in building a network and gaining customers. It surely fills in all the gaps in your content calendar. Not every time, you can come up with something productive or attention-grabbing. Anyone can run out of ideas, it is very natural. To combat such an issue, you can take help by curating content online. Yes, this is when re-sharing some other valuable and relevant content can help in maintaining your social accounts, keeping the audience engaged, and being active online.

Moreover, by awaking your audience through new and dynamic content, you add extra value to their experience on your website. They learn new things, become more interested, and look for more. Also, you get a chance to present yourself as a thought leader. To some extent, you shape people’s opinions and persuade them according to your own motives. This not only authenticates your business but also makes it more reliable and trustworthy for the audience. For lead generation, it is wise to hire a social media marketing expert who can effortlessly help you in content curation and audience engagement.

Content Tips and Content Ideas for Lead Generation: 

Know your audience 

The first and the most important thing is to know and understand your audience. This is very important. Every business type has its own kind of audience. You cannot follow anyone else’s strategy to gain an audience until your audience type is the same as theirs’. Pay attention to your audience type, observe their activities, and look at which type of content they like the most, which type of post they resonate with the most. And then, accordingly plan your content. Re-share the posts which your audience likes the most to boost lead generation.

Your Personal Say Matters the Most 

People follow you because they particularly want to know about your take. If you just retweet, re-share a post from other social media channels, it will not fascinate the audience. Instead, you need to add your own opinion to it. Do not add lengthy details. Just a small, concise, and meaningful description or caption from your side is enough to engage the audience and convey your own thoughts. This gives a boost to your social connections, interactivity, and online communication. Hence, your business experiences lead generation.

Crediting the Original Source 

In content curation, you share the content and do not steal it. So, it is very important to keep this thing in mind that whenever you are re-sharing any content, you give credits to the original source. When you share someone else’s posts on your own profile, you should tag the original source, accredit them. This is ethical and the right way of content curation. Otherwise, you can be blamed for plagiarizing or stealing someone else’s content. This can definitely impact any business’s reputation negatively. So to avoid such a situation, make sure to add credits and mention the original source.

Authenticity and Validity in Content Curation 

Another very important tip is to share only authentic and valid content. Not everything you see on social media is accurate or authentic. Social media is both a positive and a negative tool. Using it wisely can keep you safe from all the hazards connected to it. In content curation, it is essential that you check facts before sharing them, as it will directly impact your own reputation and your audience’s perception of you.

Scheduling in Content Curation 

To save time, effort, and skill, you can schedule your curated posts in a few moments using content schedulers. You can shortlist the posts which are relevant to your business and can be engaging for the audience. After that, you can use any social media scheduler to schedule those posts in advance. This will streamline your work. Also, you would not have to be available all the time for recurrent posting. Using this tip can save a lot of your precious time.


Undoubtedly, social media is a great marketing tool. Today, almost everyone uses it for branding, business, sales, and purchases apart from entertainment and communication. But managing social media is a technical task. You cannot simply beat your competitors by just posting stuff on social platforms. A lot of other techniques are required too. One of those techniques is content curation. It is very much common in use. It refers to the sharing and re-sharing of someone else’s content to communicate with users and inform them about things that are authentic, factual, and relate to your business. This not only strengthens your online presence but also helps you in maintaining your social network, expanding it, authenticating, and managing it effortlessly.

You need to be sure about your audience first. In order to gain a hike in lead generation, you should re-share factual posts, accredit their original sources, you can also schedule such posts to save time. And most importantly, you should not forget to add your own opinion while re-sharing any content. This matters to the audience the most. Hence, when you achieve in building a good network online, you experience an increase in lead generation.

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