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Creation Square: What Is Marketplace Distribution? Is Social Media Better Marketplace?

What Is Marketplace Distribution? Is Social Media Better Marketplace?

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With the rapid advancement in technology, the world has definitely moved to new and advanced tactics of marketing. Earlier, only big companies and teams used to plan out businesses and marketing. But now, even a single candidate can startup a business and run it without having a need for a big team, firm, or company. Marketplace distribution has made it easier for people to have access to big markets and bigger audiences. It has enabled everyone to make sales and generate leads to enjoy profits.

Similarly, social media has proven to be a better marketplace option as it gives a sense of personalization, authority, and direct connectivity. These are a few of the many things which other marketplace distribution options lack. This is why people nowadays are fast-moving towards the social media marketplace. Social media selling has become famous and even big firms and companies prefer using it for sales. Do you know that there are a lot of professionals who know the art of social network marketing and can boost your sales instantly? If not, consult now!

What is Marketplace Distribution?

There are so many platforms out there that can be used to build or power your online stores. In marketplace distribution, you consult a third party, which is actually a large online marketplace that can sell and promote your products. For example, Google Shopping,,, etc.

Marketplace distribution serves to be a great platform for your business. It helps it grow quickly and minimize the chances of loss. If you are a small business or just a startup, you will have to compete well in the market. Pricing, new customer acquisition, and creating brand identity are time taking tasks that delay the process of growth in your business. Thus, marketplace distribution serves as a platform that helps you in making your sales regardless of your experience or foundation.

The best part is that you get a good exposure. You get to compete efficiently, make sales, save time and put competitive prices. Therefore, the use of marketplace distribution has benefited businesses, whether big or small in so many ways, making it easy for them to retain customers.

Social Media Marketplace Distribution:

Social media selling is not a new concept but there are still many people in the world who either don’t know its worth at all or undermines it. Well, a social media marketplace is basically a marketplace on social media which connects customers directly with the vendors. The consumers make purchases, and they even become vendors themselves. This is the best part about the social media marketplace. As social media influencers, they are the consumers first. And later, they become vendors i.e. they start making sales. Also, companies send them their packages to gain exposure and strengthen brand identity.

The customers get unprecedented access to vendors and grow connections. No third parties are involved. The new kind of marketplace distribution has changed the way people used to make business deals, perform purchases, or sell. The easier, instant and unprecedented interaction boosts sales and creates convenience too.

Why Social Media is a better Marketplace Distribution?

There are so many reasons which support the fact that the social media marketplace is far better than the e-commerce platforms. Following are a few of them:

Customers are on Social Media

One of the best reasons to use social media marketplace is for business and online selling is that majority of the customers are using social media. Your target audience and all the potential buyers are on social media, waiting for good deals to appear. Day by day the use of social media for social media selling is increasing causing a bright chance for all the business owners to grow their business online and boost sales.

Big Exposure

Regardless of your business type, investment, location, time, or area, social media gives you a big exposure and connects you with a big market where there are millions of users online each second, making purchases, doing comparisons, and searching for newer products. Hence, social media marketplace distribution is considered one of the best marketplaces for businesses, specifically new startups.

Easy Connectivity

Another interesting factor that the social media marketplace provides you is easy connectivity with its users. Normally, social media channels are for fun, entertainment. Social media keeps you connected with your family, friends, and relatives. Similarly, when a user starts using social media for business purposes, he starts making connections. These connections help in sales and because of the ease of connectivity and interaction, better and trustworthy relationships are built which ultimately help your business in growth.

Strong Brand Identity

Social media provides you with a bright chance and opportunity to convey your business motives, interests, perceptions, and benefits to your audience. It allows you to build a reputation, in order to attract the audience’s attention, trust and interest. Social media allows businesses to advertise their products effortlessly and build a strong brand identity. This brand recognition helps you a lot in increasing sales and customer base.

Inbound Traffic

Lastly, social media profiles provide you a bright chance to get more inbound traffic and persuade them to make purchases. The inbound traffic is already on your page, they visit your profiles regularly or often. Now, if you engage them in your content, there are high chances of conversion. This is an additional benefit of the social media marketplace. Businesses try their best to convert their inbound traffic into customers and get benefitted in return.


With the development in technology, everyone has become capable of producing marketing content on their own. The confidence has been given to the users through social media, where on a daily basis user become consumers and then become vendors. Social media marketplace distribution is definitely a better option for online businesses and new startups rather than other e-commerce platforms, as the users are on social media, they get to connect with you easily, get and take feedback. Apart from this, your brand identity is strengthened.

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