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Creation Square: What Are the Steps in Graphic Design Process? Impact on Project Completion

What Are the Steps in Graphic Design Process? Impact on Project Completion

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A website serves as a medium between the business and the audience. It connects the audience to a business and shares information, creating awareness. Designing a website is quite a task. The graphic design process is a crucial project which requires technical implementation and creative brainstorming. For project completion, you need to get a good idea first. The whole graphic design process initiates with an idea and then proceeds towards technical working. Graphic design matters a lot to your website’s online success. A good website design leads to a good user experience. This ultimately increases the chances for customer conversions and lead generation. 

Moreover, the graphic design process not only makes your website appear professional but also serves as a way to convey business motives to the audience. Hence, it does the work of storytelling too. The design process is a concrete task that cannot be done casually. It takes a lot of effort and professionalism to successfully do project completion. This is why it is important to take professional help for website design and development. This not only makes the graphic design process smooth but also fruitful for your business. 

Understanding the Graphic Design Process:

The graphic design process basically defines various stages of a design project which is used almost for every design process. This approach basically makes the design process easier for the designers. Once they define the steps for this process, they start using it for every project then. It saves their time and makes the whole graphic design process easier and quicker. Mostly, the standardized procedure is followed by the designers which help them in project completion. 

The graphic design process is necessary for designers whether they are designing a logo, business card, or website design. They need to follow several steps every time to streamline their work and reach project completion. Undoubtedly, this helps you increase your creativity and boost the design work. Additionally, it gives you a definite way to follow. You follow the predefined steps and easily get to complete every project efficiently. 

Steps in Graphic Design Process and their Impact on Project Completion:

Following are a few of the standardized steps that designers tend to follow the most:

Creative Brief

The first and the most important step is to analyze the creative brief. A creative brief helps the designer to learn about the client’s requirements, his expectations, and most importantly, his business or company. Without being aware of all these things, project completion is not possible. Therefore, the content brief is a very important part of your graphic design process. It lets you know about the target audience, gives brand guidelines, and conveys the company’s details as well.

Conducting Research in the Graphic Design Process

The second most important stage in the graphic design process is research. Quality research is the most significant part of any project. You can simply not excel in your work until you do good and comprehensive research on it. So, the next thing a designer does in the design process is research and comparative analysis. He looks at the competitor’s designs and strategies. It is valuable to do a comparative analysis as it gives you a concrete idea about what your audience likes. Moreover, you get to know about the various ways through which you can connect to the audience and convince them.


After conducting thorough research, designers start brainstorming to develop unique and attractive ideas. In this step, a designer can come up with as many design ideas as he can think of. There is no limit. But it is ideal to save time and minimize the load so that the client can easily get what he wants. In this step, designers keenly observe things, consider all the requirements of the client and compare them in the market. After that, they come up with some creative design samples and ideas in their mind. This kind of creates a road map for the designer which he can further follow to lead towards project completion.

Sketching in the Graphic Design Process

Sketching is yet another very important technique that helps the designer to bring his ideas into reality. With minimized distractions and less digital load, it is ideal for a designer to separate himself for a while from all the worldly things and sketch down his ideas on paper. This step is very important to a designer. After brainstorming on different ideas, he finally gets to sketch the one he thinks is relatable and in accordance with the client’s needs.

Production Phase

Finally, you share your best sketches with the client. And after receiving definite feedback from him, you proceed towards the production phase. In this stage, you use different graphic design resources to develop the design finalized by the client. You then research for various design elements, select exciting colors, develop an aesthetic theme, and work on the design.

Refining the Design

Obviously, your client will always share his feedback and would demand any of the changes he likes. So basically, you will have to refine your design again and again in accordance with your client’s needs and demands. For this purpose, you can send the design to your client for feedback and also can share it with your reliable sources to attain their feedback as well. This adds to your user experience and makes you perfect in your field. Constructive criticism is always a healthy thing to receive. So, do not hesitate to ask for other’s opinions on your graphic design.

Final Presentation

Final Presentation - Creation Square

Finally, after all the feedback and revisions made, you need to present the design to your client and make sure that he is satisfied fully. A client’s feedback and opinion about your service is always the major thing that affects your repute. Therefore, you should properly present your work to the client and be on time. Make the meeting memorable so that your client can come back to you for more!


The graphic design process is not an easy task to do. Designers spend their quality time and then use their skills to satisfy their clients. The graphic design process consists of many stages which one should follow in order to reach project completion. Firstly, it is important to understand and fully analyze the creative brief. After that, doing a lot of research and making comparative analysis is necessary. Moreover, sketching helps the designer to bring ideas onto paper. After taking feedback, and adding revisions, finally, the design can be presented. This concrete design process plays a very important role in business development. Therefore, it is wise to consult professionals for your website design and development.

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