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Creation Square: Which Are the Most Used Frontend Frameworks? All Time Favorites

Which Are the Most Used Frontend Frameworks? All Time Favorites

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Frontend frameworks are the ones used for developing the front end of your website or applications. The frontend is that part of your site with which the user interacts. Therefore, it is one of the most essential parts of your website. It not only helps in developing a consistent layout but also in creating a good user experience. The pre-defined website components make it easy and faster for developers to create websites or apps and work efficiently.

With the development of time, everything is becoming easier. The same is happening in the field of digital marketing and online communication. Developers are busy maintaining the level of technology and doing their most to develop the best for their customers. Frontend frameworks have made their tasks quite easier. With the help of these, they can timely design your user interface utilizing all time favorite frameworks available already. Utilizing ready to use frameworks makes the development process easier and faster. If you want the same for your business, consult the best front and back end development company in this regard.

What are Frontend Frameworks?

Frontend frameworks are all-ready templates or sample frameworks that help in developing user interfaces. Basically, frontend frameworks involve pre-written codes that help you in developing a website’s frontend quickly and effortlessly. Earlier, developers used to manually write the codes and do the tasks but now they easily get to use the samples and develop sites.

Frontend frameworks serve as foundations that typically contain website components and most used elements like grids, scroll bars, search bars and side panels.


Although there are many UI frameworks out there which developers use, few of them are the most widely used ones.


React is one of the most used and popular frontend development frameworks. It is an open-source framework that you use to develop user interfaces. React was developed and is managed by Facebook. It gives the best user experience and enhances the overall performance. Basically, it is easy to learn and use, this is why most developers and beginners use it. React has made the job of front-end developers much easier and understandable. Additionally, it provides a rich JavaScript library. This is why developers consider this framework as their all-time favorite frontend framework.

It is best for single-page applications and websites. This lightweight framework you can use anytime whenever you are thinking of making an interactive and effective website. You can make an interactive and responsive interface in less time because it allows you to reuse its components too.

Based on JavaScript, React allows its users to dynamic HTML components for making creative web UI. Many of the largest companies like Twitter, Netflix, and Pinterest use this framework. The best part about React is that all the components are encapsulated. Hence, you can use them without any limitations or restrictions. It also provides you with timely bug fixes. If you want to develop a highly interactive site that could demand changes from time to time, it is best for you to go for the React front-end framework. The framework provides consistent and seamless performance with exceptional functionality. The development tools of React are the latest and super useful.


Angular is also one of the open-source web application frontend frameworks based on TypeScript. It was initially released on 14th September 2016. Angular is characterized as a favorite framework of all time because of its two-way binding features like React and supports actual real-time sync between view and model. It offers quick and efficient data binding. Moreover, it has the capacity to fully boost the overall performance of applications. Also, it is not complex to manage.

Popular angular websites are Gmail, Upwork, Forbes, PayPal.

Angular is not that easy to learn but once you get a good hold on it, you can simply develop frontends for multi-pages as well as progressive apps. Additionally, it has in-built functionality to update the changes which are there in the model. This keeps the software updated. The components are easy to manage and reusable. The best part about using Angular is that it reduces the amount of coding and makes the development process fast.


Vue.js was created in 2014 as an open-source frontend framework. Its best use is in developing single-page apps and UI components. It is very adaptive in nature. If you want to develop a huge web app then you can surely use Vue.js as it has all the required functionalities. As compared to React, it has better documentation. It provides full support for TypeScript and is very adaptive. Thus, makes it easy for developers to work on the development process. The comprehensive and extensive documentation makes it easy for anyone to learn it fast and easily. It is very simple yet versatile.

The concise documentation of Vue.js helps you learn the framework easily. It is great for developing single-page apps. Additionally, it gives the flexibility to design the app structure. The most important advantage is visual DOM. The versatility allows you to perform multiple tasks. It provides two-way binding too. Currently, there are around 36,000 websites that are using Vue.js.

HTML-based templates are available in Vue.js. The easy and comprehensive documentation allows any user to easily operate it even with little or no prior knowledge and experience.

Final Thoughts:

Frontend frameworks are very essential in the development process. These are all-ready app structures, suitable for building frontend. The most important benefit they give out is that they help to structure the user interface of an app or site. Normally, UI frameworks are open-source and customizable frontend frameworks that cover the design, code, and structure which is used by most of the applications.

Out of all the frontend frameworks, a few of them are favorites of all time like React, Angular, and Vue.js as they provide codes that are clean and easy. You can reuse their elements for new pages and get the updates accordingly. They help in building adaptive, responsive, and functional website interfaces. Undoubtedly, it is extremely easy to use as well as understand. This is why developers prefer using these frameworks for making the development process faster and easier.

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