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Creation Square: What Is Brand Marketing? Its Types and Branding Strategies

What Is Brand Marketing? Its Types and Branding Strategies

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Anyone who’s starting a new business or running the existing one needs branding strategies to compete in the market. To establish a name in the business world, you need brand marketing. Brand marketing is a strategy that helps in conveying your business motives to the audience effectively and strengthening its identity. Any business, whether big or small, is a brand too. It’s a name, an identity, to which people get connected and then make purchases. Without branding strategies, you cannot attract potential customers. Thus, to create a strong brand identity, it is important to consult good brand marketing companies so that they can professionally design marketing strategies for you to stay ahead of the competition and generate leads.

For brand marketing, you require a lot of effort. It is not about selling only. It has a lot to do with the latest tactics, trends, market views, and customer standards and expectations. For this purpose, it is wise to consult professionals only for logo design and branding services in order to compete well in the market and generate sales, effortlessly.

Defining Brand Marketing 

Brand marketing, as the name depicts, is a concrete process of popularizing your brand in the market and grabbing potential customers. It’s a series of processes or programs that help in ranking your brand, its services, and products in the market. Digital marketing is a very essential component of defining your brand strategy. Moreover, it strengthens your brand’s presence online and creates awareness among the audiences. This leads to promotion, popularity, and ultimately targeted branding. For a business’s success, you need good branding strategies in order to attract the defined target audience and create a unique brand identity. Indeed, brand marketing is the only logical and impactful way of promoting a business.

It is a fact that you cannot appear distinct or special in the market without making a good name. That name-making process is actually what brand marketing is. Clearly, it is a process that helps in distinguishing brands and creating awareness among audiences.

Types of Brand Marketing and Brand Strategies

There are many brand marketing types and strategies which businesses follow to generate leads and stand out in the competition. But you have to be sure about your business type, size, motives, expectations, and target audience first before finalizing any branding strategy. Following are a few of the common strategies that businesses follow:

Personal Branding

As the name depicts, personal branding is used to establish an individual’s character, personality, or work in a brand to promote ultimate business goals and grab the audience’s attention. For example, politicians are promoted, they use personal branding tactics to highlight their political party through popularizing and showcasing their personalities.

Product Branding

Product branding is a type of brand marketing in which a company promotes its product, highlights it and in return, the name of the brand becomes popular as well. This is the most common branding strategy which businesses use. For example, drinks and juices have brand names written on them, this way the brand gets highlighted among the audience through product advertising. In this type, the brand focuses on its single product and uses it as a strategy to make the brand recognizable.

Corporate Brand Marketing

This is a very professional branding type that includes the promotion of business values, perceptions, and missions. Yes, this type of branding does not revolve around products or services. Instead, it focuses on promoting and highlighting business missions to grab an audience and make them loyal customers. For example, Nike, in its every marketing strategy, highlights its core mission to provide athletes with the best. This caters to the needs of athletes, the target audience, and hence, leads are generated effectively.

Service Branding

Service branding is a type of brand marketing that involves the marketing of services of a brand that make a brand popular and distinct. There are many brands which are famous for their world-class customer services and people prefer them over the other brands of the same nature. This shows how important customer services are for a strong brand identity. Thus, it is important to focus on effective services.

Online Brand Marketing

Online branding is the most used brand marketing strategy nowadays. It is also known as internet marketing. This involves the use of digital platforms, mainly social media platforms to increase the customer base. Undoubtedly, social media is an online marketplace that connects businesses with millions of potential users and increases their chances of sales. Therefore, this strategy is famous among all other existing strategies.


As traditional ways of marketing, co-branding is a marketing strategy that connects companies together. It involves mutual collaboration for the expansion of the customer base and increases in lead generation. Many companies collaborate to attract more audiences and generate more sales. This is a very old technique, yet very impactful.


Another important branding type is e-branding. Many e-brands like Amazon, provide physical products and services through the online front end to minimize sale efforts and boost business progress. Brands use these platforms to sell their products and this way the e-brand itself gets prominent too. So, this is another unique branding strategy that businesses use.


In today’s world, standing out in the competition is not easy for businesses. They need various branding techniques and strategies to highlight their products or services and generate potential sales. Brand marketing is not a new phenomenon. It has been in use for decades. The new and latest versions keep on adding though. You cannot stick to the old branding strategies and expect fruitful outputs. Obviously, you need to move with the pace and follow all the modern marketing efforts to match your competitors and even surpass them.

Today, many branding types and strategies like co-branding, product branding, corporate branding, e-branding, personal branding, services branding, etc. are used by businesses according to their sizes, types, audiences, and motives. Hence, to boost sales and grow business, you need professional brand marketing strategies. Only then you can attract the targeted audience and generate revenue.

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