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Creation Square: What Is the Best Website Layout? Design Tips to Grow Customer Conversions

What Is the Best Website Layout? Design Tips to Grow Customer Conversions

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Businesses spend money on getting their websites developed. They hire professionals who spend hours and hours developing a good website. But all this goes in vain if the website layout does not attract the audience. You will now receive any customer conversions if the website layout is not made using the best design tips. For customer conversions and a good user experience, it is mandatory to have an intuitive and appealing website layout. 

A good website definitely matters a lot in defining a good user experience. This is why designers spend a lot of time making a good layout that is aesthetic, attractive, and attention-grabbing. It will help a business in growing instantly by increasing their customer conversions. If you want a good layout for your website you need to follow all the essential design tips in order to formulate a user-friendly website layout. Therefore, it is wise to consult the best web design firm and forward the technical task to the professionals.

Defining a Website Layout: 

A website layout usually refers to the user-end layout with which the audience interacts with your business. It is the outlook of a website that includes all the graphical elements, design, color theme, contrast, typography, etc. This all makes up the website layout with which a user interacts. Thus, if your web design is attractive, compelling, and unique, you will gather more traffic on your site. Hence, more customer conversions will be gained by your business. 

The Best Website Layout: 

Without a doubt, the best website layout is the one that is intuitive, user-friendly, and attention-grabbing. There are so many websites online which are made on a daily basis, but now every one of them gets the audience’s attention. Why? Because the layouts vary. And so users visit the websites which they like and understand. Obviously, a website that is hard to understand and use will result in the bouncing back of customers. On the other hand, a good and aesthetic website layout keeps the users engaged on their site and gives them a good user experience. This results in an increase in customer conversions. 

Everyone wants the best for their business success and growth. But not everyone gets to achieve it. Websites communicate your brand’s image to the audience and let them interact with you directly to make purchases. Therefore, a good website layout leads to more customer conversions and a mismanaged or disorganized web design leads to an increase in bounce-back rate. It is wise to take professional help from a good web design in your website designing. 

Web Design Tips to Grow Customer Conversions: 

Simple Website Layout 

Simplicity goes a long way. There’s no doubt about it. When a visitor comes to your website and it takes him too much time to understand your site, he’ll simply leave. Yes, only three seconds, and you lose your potential customer. Three seconds is the maximum time a disinterested and unimpressed visitor spends on a site. After that, he moves somewhere else. This means you have only 3 seconds to keep him. For that purpose, before indulging in good and attractive designs, it is important to provide him with a simple layout, without any cluttering, so that he can understand your website. Also, this provides a good user experience. 

Fast and Smooth Navigation 

Fast and hassle-free navigation is what amazes the users. If a visitor comes to your website and keeps wondering about what to do and where to go, you have failed as a designer. Yes, it is very important for a good user experience that the navigation is very smooth as well as fast. Users should have to wait and search for a navigation bar. Easy navigation definitely leads to customer conversions. 

Use of Negative Space in Your Website Layout 

One of the best web design tips is the use of negative space. Negative space, like in photography, aids in making the subject prominent. Similarly, in a website layout, the use of negative space makes the main subjects or main options and icons prominent and clear. This helps in developing a good user experience as this avoids cluttering in your website design. Like bullet points break the heavy content into lighter parts, the same way, negative space balances out the high visuals and bold color contrasts. This visual technique is very important in making a good impression on the user. 

Theme Development 

Every successful brand has a different theme on its website and other marketing collateral. The unique and distinct theme separates you from the rest of your competitors in the market. Additionally, it makes your brand’s identity stronger by connecting the audience with a certain theme. This technique proves very fruitful. This is why it is one of the most focused design tips which makes businesses stand out in the market and leave an impactful impression on their audiences with unique and attractive themes.

Using High-Quality Graphics in Website Layout 

High-quality graphics not only attract the audience to your site but also makes you look highly professional in the eyes of visitors. High visuals make your website authentic, reliable, and worthy of a visit. Once your visuals succeed in grabbing the audience’s attention, your chance of a rise in customer conversions increases too. 

Responsive Design 

Lastly, a responsive design is the most essential component of a website. If your website design is responsive, it means that it will easily adapt to whatever source you use it on. This increases the user’s circle and the customer base increases. In today’s world, people use mobiles more than they use laptops or computers. So if your website design will not be adaptive, it will lose a lot of potential customers. Therefore, having a responsive design means users of different gadgets will be able to access your site. Hence, it will increase customer conversions. 


Websites are made on a daily basis to build connections, make online presences, connect with users, and communicate business motives. Website layout matters a lot to any business’s success. If it is designed well and properly, it will engage more users. Also, it will retain the old ones too. So in order to increase customer conversions and boost your business, you need to follow all the essential design tips that enhance user experience. Design tips like color theme, simplicity, use of negative space, responsiveness, and easy navigation lead to a good website layout that is user-friendly and intuitive. Undoubtedly, with a unique and appealing web design, you stand out in the market and effortlessly leave your competitors behind. 

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