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Creation Square: What are the 4 P's of Social Marketing? Impact on Business Growth

What are the 4 P’s of Social Marketing? Impact on Business Growth

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Social marketing is a relatively new concept in the world of digital marketing. Earlier, there were traditional methods in use. Like, print media was basically used as an essential source for marketing purposes. Later, with the development in technology, new and advanced digital marketing techniques started coming into the mainstream. Social marketing strategy is one of the most used techniques which aid in business growth and brand promotion. Social media strategy is used in social marketing to promote a business brand and generate leads.

In social marketing, the concept of 4 P’s is a very famous one. This concept guides the marketers in developing their social media strategy to boost business growth. These four p’s benefit the marketing efforts and strengthen your business’s online presence. If you want to grow your business online and generate leads effortlessly, you should consult the best and professional social media marketing experts in this regard.

What is Social Marketing? 

Social marketing is all about brand promotion, awareness building, and creating social media strategies to boost business growth online. This can be done by strategically using social media platforms for promoting your products or services. Social media marketing involves the technical and wise use of social media which ultimately aids in boosting business growth and strengthens your brand identity.

Social marketing provides you with a bright opportunity and gives you access to social media platforms through which you can easily communicate with the relevant audience and increase the chances of customer conversions. Through social marketing strategy, you can create your brand awareness and expand the customer base.


Social marketing, like commercial marketing, requires a great emphasis on the target audience, product type, and understanding of customer’s needs. While designing any social media marketing campaign, you need to focus on the famous 4 P’s of the marketing mix.


Simply, a product in social marketing strategy means any good or service that a company offers to customers. The product can be any deal, idea, service, or material thing which the company aims at selling to potential customers. In social marketing, the idea of a product leads to online promotion and product launch campaigns. Whether a business is a startup, or an existing business brand wants to launch a new product. The use of social media strategy through social platforms can help a lot in promoting the product and generating leads. A lot of products are launched on the daily basis but you don’t get to know about each and every one of them. This is because of the limited sourcing, advertising, or branding. But social marketing has made the process easier. You can easily launch your product online and can make a huge impact on the relevant audience.


Another P of the marketing mix is price. It is the cost that the consumer is expected to pay for the product or service. Now social media marketing matters a lot in pricing. How? Well, social media gives businesses a rough idea about the competitor’s pricing techniques. They get to develop a strategy that would support them in business growth and product sales. The price is set according to the kind of audience, their background, and also the overall expectations and demands of users. Moreover, social media is an extremely important source that gives businesses a chance to promote original pricing, as well as discounted prices by running campaigns. This makes the audience interested in the campaign and customer conversion rate increases.


Product placement is one of the major things. Placing of products in different stores, areas, showrooms, etc. is required. But in the case of social marketing, businesses do not necessarily require any place. Why? Because they already have social media platforms. Yes, social media has made marketing and selling easier for everyone. Literally, anyone on social platforms can do business and earn money. In social media marketing, the place is the third P which refers to a place. Through social media channels, businesses can easily sell products online. Products are displayed, users get to compare products, learn about the prices and uses, etc. This all has made business marketing and sales very much easy and convenient for both the audience and businesses.


The last and the most important aspect is promotion. This step is all about advertising, public relations, and making promotional strategies. The main purpose of promoting a product is to tell the consumers why they need the product, why should they buy it, etc. Also, in social marketing, the use of social media platforms makes the promotion easier and more effective. We all know that the customers are online now. Everything is easily accessible online and people have started shifting entirely to online shopping systems. Keeping this in mind, social media strategy can be designed in such a way that your product gets promoted really well. This makes the users interested. Thus, you get to generate more leads.


The advancement in technology has entirely changed the world of marketing and advertising. In the digital era, businesses have shifted towards competent marketing strategies. One of those strategies is social marketing. Social marketing strategy is the strategic use of social media platforms for business growth and boost sales. Social media marketing has four P’s which help in the process. Place, price, promotion, and product. These four collectively develop a social media strategy and help businesses to grow online effortlessly. The use of social media platforms has become so common. Businesses and users, both comfortably interact on social media and make deals.

Old were the times when people used to roam around the world to get particular products of their choice. Now, everything is available online. Social media marketing has made the purchasing process easier. But, a good strategy is required as there is so much competition going on in the online market. So, it is important to consult professional social media marketing experts in this regard who can properly guide you and help you in developing a sound strategy.

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